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Reel Shield

Reel Shield is Made in the U.S.A. and a simple inexpensive way to protect your gear and investment and extend the life of the equipment almost indefinitely. This clear film product serves as both preserver and protectant. If applied according to company recommendations, Reel Shield will provide 100% protection against normal wear and tear on your reels. All the pictures of reels you see have the Reel Shield on it! you can do two small reels most baitcasting reels or one mid size or a large reel with one order of the Reel Shield!. Contact us with your reel make and model and we will match it if you have any questions.

Reel Shield is made of a clear protectant material Produced by 3M and can be applied in a short time. Reel Shield provides excellent UV protection with five years protection from scratching, fading, cracking, and yellowing.

Click here to read testimonials from clients that have used Reel Shield on their: 

  • Mountain Bikes & Road Bikes even Rare Vintage Bikes! Or Latest addition the Vespa Scooters and Paintball Guns!  All surfaces (apply it on your frame to protect it from scratches instead of costly clear coating)
  • Golf Clubs  (apply 1/4" to 1/2" on top of your expensive woods to advoid "Skymarks") 
  • Fishing Poles  (apply it on specific areas where ever the rod rests while fishing) 
  • Paintball Markers to protect the outside when sliding, running jumping with them!
  • Now Shipping International ! Contact us for speical Prices.

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